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We began with the Credit Union Member Discount from GM and soon grew to include the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount as well as savings programs from TurboTax, DIRECTV, Allied Van Lines and ADT. Plus, we offer our own discount partners Love to Shop and the Credit Union Auto Club.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Do You Share Your Credit Union Love?

At lovemycreditunion.org, our objective is two-fold.  Our first goal is to educate credit union members and credit unions on the benefits of the Invest in America membership enhancement programOur second is to spread the credit union message to consumers across the country and promote all the reasons why credit union members love their credit union.

As credit union people, we know all the great reasons why people should choose a credit union over another financial institution - but we wanted to know why do credit union members love their credit union?  Through our Twitter account, we follow the search term "love my credit union" and here are just a few of the reasons we found from credit union members themselves:
  • @SteffChilds i love the people at my credit union.  they are so darned nice and helpful!
  • @blakeaulermurph at my Community Credit Union!  Love them so much I am even a fan on facebook
  • @SarahDoodle I LOVE the people at my credit union.  I should transfer all my accounts there...so much better than WaMu/Chase
  • @imunpredictable not only do I LOVE direct deposit, but i LOVE being w/a credit union..ha!  get my money before midnight
  • @meeshiefeet i love my credit union! CC fraud - no problem.  Easy to fix.
  • @djhazzard Gotta love 1st Fridays: Free donuts at my credit union!
  • @artzyfartzy i love my credit union, they have an old fashioned popcorn machine & it keeps my kids busy!  little things can make moms life easier
  • @davidlingholm I have serious love for my credit union.  Grand Trunk FCU ROCKS!  Personal service, actually supportive. 
There are lots of great posts and great reasons to love credit unions.  The challenge for credit union marketers is to broadcast the message to consumers where consumers are.

As a credit union - how do you spread your message?  Do you know if your members love you?  If so - do you ask your members to refer their friends and family?  As a credit union member - why do you love your credit union?  Do you recommend your credit union to your friends and family?

As credit union members, we all benefit from spreading the "People Helping People" message.  Help us spread the credit union love by sharing your story with us at www.lovemycreditunion.org.

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