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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chrysler's Affiliate Rewards Exclusively for Credit Union Members!

Chrysler has re-established credit union member discounts through the Chrysler Affiliate Rewards preferred pricing program.  Thank you to all the credit unions that are supporting the Chrysler program and all the Invest in America credit union member enhancement programs!

Chrysler is currently offering credit union members preferred pricing PLUS cash back offers on select 2009/2010 vehicles* and they have increased their cash back offers on several of the models they are offering:

2009 Model Year:
  • ALL Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram Trucks excluding the Viper ACR PLUS:
  • Chrysler 300 (All) $4,000 Customer Cash
  • Dodge Calibar $2,000 Customer Cash
  • Dodge Charger $4,000 Customer Cash 
  • Jeep Wrangler $750 Customer Cash
  • Ram LD Regular Cab $3,500 Customer Cash
  • Ram Chassis Cab $4,500 PLUS $1,500 Bonus Cash
  • Ram LD Quad Cab $5,000 PLUS $1,000 Bonus Cash
  • Ram LD Crew Cab $5,500 PLUS $1,500 Bonus Cash
  • Ram HD (All) $4,500 PLUS $1,500 Bonus Cash 
2010 Model Year:
  • Chrysler Town & Country PLUS $1,500 Customer Cash
  • Dodge Grand Caravan PLUS $1,000 Customer Cash
  • Jeep Liberty PLUS $2,000 Customer Cash PLUS $500 Owner Loyalty**
  • Ram LD Regular Cab PLUS $1,000 Customer Cash
  • Ram LD Quad Cab PLUS $2,500 Customer Cash
  • Ram LD Crew Cab PLUS $2,500 Customer Cash
These are great deals, but why should your credit union promote the Chrysler Affiliate Rewards program if credit union financing is not required?  Because of the over 200,000 vehicles purchased through the Invest in America program, credit unions funded over 161,000 of them - 80% of the loans were funded by credit unions.

Although the Invest in America program does not require Chrysler to send financing to the creidt union, your credit union is going to market auto loans to your members anyway.  The Invest in America program gives you a new way to market auto loans and generate excitement.  And, why wouldn't you want your members to know they could save money?  Look at it this way, if you don't tell your members about Invest in America, and they find out about it from the dealer, odds are greater that the dealer will use another financing source instead of your credit union.

What should your credit union do?
Market the Chrysler Affiliate Rewards program and the other Invest in America credit union discounts to your members.  Please insure your credit union members are fully aware of the tremendous savings the Chrysler Affiliate Rewards preferred pricing offers and let them know they can learn about Chrysler and all the Invest in America discount offers by visiting Love My Credit Union.  This is your credit union's opportunity to benefit from Invest in America - grab onto it!

*Affiliate Rewards Discount varies by model and model year.  Not all vehicles apply.  See dealer for details.  Valid November 3, 2009 - January 4, 2010.  **For qualified buyers.

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