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Monday, June 14, 2010

Own Your Money - The Credit Union Difference

Lovemycreditunion.org was created in 2005 as a call to action in support of the Credit Union Difference campaign.  The campaign and website are a statewide effort by Michigan credit unions and the Michigan credit union league to create public awareness of the credit union industry and how credit unions differ from banks.

One of the differences is that credit union members own their money, each member gets one vote and an equal say in how the credit union is run, unlike banks that are owned by stockholders who expect a return on investment and may not even be a bank customer.  With this in mind, the Michigan Credit Union League launched the largest advertising campaign in the history of the state credit union industry that informs consumers that, as a credit union member, they truly own their money.

With the tagline, "Own Your Money.  Join a Credit Union," the new TV and radio campaign informs consumers about the Credit Union Difference and the many rewards of credit union membership, such as lower fees, better rates and available credit, while highlighting the distinct differences between credit unions and other financial institutions.

"As not-for-profit cooperatives, credit unions have always been owned by their members, not stockholders looking for a profit," MCUL President/CEO Dave Adams said.  "Consumers today want more control over their finances and credit unions are a perfect alternative for people who want to keep their money close to home, working for them and their community.  For 85 years, credit unions in Michigan have been in the business of helping people manage their money by investing in them, in Michigan and in America."

In addition to promoting the Credit Union Difference, the commercials also highlight the Invest in America program.  Invest in America offers preferred pricing on General Motors cars and trucks and discounts on Sprint mobile services, DIRECTV, Shop America which provides online shopping at over 1,200 stores and other exclusive credit union member discounts.  All of these partners provide discounts to credit union members just because they are members.  Invest in America enhances the value of credit union membership simply by the fact that it is offered.

The Own Your Money campaign highlights the fact that credit union membership has never been more beneficial through lower fees and better rates as well as the exclusive credit union member discounts offered through Invest in America.  Watch and listen to The Own Your Money campaign TV and radio commercials to learn more about the Credit Union Difference and Invest in America.

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