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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Funding BizKid$ - The Gift That Keeps on Giving

At Invest in America, we recently announced that we've pledged $700,000 in funding towards the Emmy-winning PBS program BizKid$.  It's no secret that financial literacy is a vital building block in a child's education these days.  However, the majority of our nation's schools don't require financial literacy in their curriculum.  While that is slowly improving, BizKid$ is doing its best to fill in the gaps.  This nationally carried television series teaches financial education to 192 million households each week and has reached 1.2 million students and teachers through its companion classroom material since the series' launch in 2008.

So what does this matter to your credit union or league?   Your youngest members are the financial future of your credit union.  What can your credit union or league do to help?  We're so glad you asked...

To date, America's Credit Unions have exclusively funded BizKid$ since it began, having contributed more than $8.5 million.  But for the program to be fully funded for the current season as well as next year's, we need your help.  Invest in America is hoping that each of our credit union and league partners that receive Sprint marketing incentives will join us to raise the remaining $1 million needed for BizKid$ to thrive.

For this to happen, we're asking you to donate 10% of your Sprint year-end rebate to support the program.  Sprint has been a hugely successful Invest in America partner and we're sure that this 10% will have little to no impact on your bottom line.  And just think of what a difference having a financially well-educated membership could be to our nation's credit unions and leagues.

Another plus for getting involved in our BizKid$ funding efforts is the opportunity to align yourself with such a valuable and popular program.  You'll be supporting an important credit union initiative that has always shown credit unions in a positive light.  Also, the marketing and public relations benefits that will be a direct result of your credit union or league's involvement will be priceless.

So, give the gift that keeps giving - to you and your community.

For more information, please take a look at our recent press release


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