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Friday, January 22, 2010

Credit Union Members Save More with CompleteTax

It's that time of year, tax time.  Your credit union can help your members save more and get a faster refund  with CompleteTax, a leading online provider of tax services.

CompleteTax is an online tax preparation software that includes free federal E-filing that will allow credit union members to receive their refund in days.  Powered by the same software tax professionals and CPAs use, CompleteTax is nearly 37% less than the leading provider PLUS credit union members receive an additional EXCLUSIVE 30% discount.  Credit union members who use CompleteTax will save up to 56% compared to the standard pricing of other providers.  Credit union members can also file their state taxes at the same time, all for one low price.

Why should your credit union offer CompleteTax instead of other online tax providers?
  • Save Money - With their credit union member discount, CompleteTax can save credit union members up to 56% on their federal filing when compared to the leading providers of online tax services
  • Add Value - When your credit union offers this benefit, and the other valuable discounts available through Invest in America, you're increasing the benefits of membership to your credit union.  It also positions your credit union as continuing to put your members first.
  • Faster Refunds - Directly deposited into their credit union checking or savings account in less than two weeks.
  • File State Taxes - When applicable, file state taxes at the same time for the low price of $17.47
  • Free E-filing - As an authorized IRS e-file tax provider, CompleteTax allows credit union members to prepare and file their federal and state tax returns (when applicable) electronically at no extra charge.  CompleteTax does it all, prepares the tax returns online an e-files straight to the IRS.
  • Free Federal Tax Guide - CompleteTax's Tax Guide offers IRS tax help such as how to report income and expense items.  In addition to offering information on their tax deduction and child tax credit, the Tax Guide also provides information on other ways credit union members can help minimize taxes and maximize refunds.
Don't just take our word for it, check out these independent reviews:

Marketwatch.com: Taxpayers who use this product have access to some of the best tax resources, since CCH is a major publisher of tax information for tax pros.  They draw upon those publications to keep your free resource centers and calculators up to date.

About.com: CompleteTax allowed me to split my tax refund using IRS form 8888.  This means I can directly deposit my tax refund in up to three bank or retirement accounts.

Givemeareview.com: CompleteTax truly offers an opportunity for you to have a complete tax service from your computer.  This program can support pretty much any type of tax form and so anyone can use this program in order to file their taxes.  The tax preparation process is easy to use and very affordable.

Now that you know all the great benefits, and great reviews on CompleteTax, what's the best way to market it to your credit union members?
  • Promote investing tax refunds in your credit union CDs, money market accounts or other savings plans as a means of building savings
  • When opening new accounts or assisting members, ask if they have begun to think about filing their taxes.  Promote the fact that as a member of your credit union they can save up to 56% on on-line preparation and e-filing services with CompleteTax
  • Utilize free marketing materials available through Love My Credit Union for newsletters and other member communications
  • Place Invest in America and CompleteTax information and links on your homepage
  • Provide copies of the CompleteTax checklist in your lobby and teller line
  • Include information about CompleteTax when mailing 1098 and 1099 forms
Credit unions continually put their members first.  When your credit union offers CompleteTax and the other valuable discounts available through Invest in America you're increasing the benefits of membership to your credit union, what could be more important than that?