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Love My Credit Union Rewards is an exclusive discount program that was created (as Invest in America) in 2008 to help credit union members save on the products and services they use every day.

We began with the Credit Union Member Discount from GM and soon grew to include the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount as well as savings programs from TurboTax, DIRECTV, Allied Van Lines and ADT. Plus, we offer our own discount partners Love to Shop and the Credit Union Auto Club.

Our blog is to give you insider info on the latest discounts and share other ways to help you save. We hope you enjoy our blog and saving at LoveMyCreditUnion.org!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

International Credit Union Day - Celebrating the Difference

Happy International Credit Union Day!  So, what is your credit union doing to share this meaningful day with your members?

This year's theme is "Local.  Trusted.  Serving You."  And on Thursday, October 21, credit unions around the world will be celebrating the positive impact they've had on their membership, their community and the economy.  A recent study has shown that members perceive their credit union to be reliable, friendly, helpful, informative and a "little more personal" than banks.  This makes it apparent that everything you're doing to benefit your members is not going unnoticed.

Through better rates and lower fees, credit unions worldwide already have the reputation of looking out for their members and putting their needs first - in addition to providing access to affordable services.  It's these priorities that are behind International Credit Union Day and it's theme of "Local.  Trusted.  Serving You."

  • Local - Buying locally is what Invest in America is all about.  That's why all of our program partners are reliable U.S. - based companies
  • Trusted - Invest in America doesn't partner with just anyone.  We diligently select partners that are reputable and offer something of value to you and your members
  • Serving You - When your credit union takes advantage of all the exclusive discount programs Invest in America has to offer, you're serving your members by giving them access to these programs and helping them save money
However your credit union celebrates International Credit Union Day, just know that we at Invest in America are right there celebrating it with you, and are equally dedicated to the worldwide credit union mission of "people helping people".

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Channels for Your Members - More Credit Card Transactions for your Credit Union

At first glance, the idea of linking your credit union's credit or debit card with DIRECTV may seem a bit strange.  But with credit card usage still on the rise and with more and more families deciding to stay home and save money, this could be the perfect opportunity.

When a member comes in to apply for your credit union credit card, or if they open a checking account and receive a debit card, they will already be happy that they're saving money on your terrifically low rates. Let them know they can save even more with the DIRECTV Credit Union Member Discount from Invest in America.  And, thanks to the new DIRECTV promotion, your members will be getting even more TV bang for their buck with DIRECTV's XTRA package:
  • FREE HD Access
  • Local Channels
  • FREE  SHOWTIME & Starz for 3 months
  • FREE HD DVR & Receive upgrades ($298 value)
  • NO Equipment to Buy or Startup Costs
  • SonicTap Music Channels at No Extra Charge
  • FREE Professional Installation
  • 99.9% Worry-Free Signal Reliability
  • #1 in Customer Satisfaction
Right now, when your members sign up for DIRECTV, they'll save $60 as well as having $15 deposited into their account at your credit union - plus DIRECTV will donate $10 to the Children's Miracle Network.  Talk about a situation where everybody wins!

Learn more about the DIRECTV Credit Union Member Discount from Invest in America.  Don't forget to send your members to LoveMyCreditUnion.org so they can start saving today!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Think Shop America This Holiday Season

Want to help your members beat the long lines and frazzled crowds this holiday season?  Encourage them to shop online with Shop America.  According to CNBC, one in every 20 consumers plan on surfing and shopping this year.  So, while your members are escaping the stress of the stores, why shouldn't they get cash back as well?

Shop America gives credit union members access to more than 1,200 online retailers, plus cash back for their purchases.  Every time they shop, they earn cash back.   Every time they earn $10 or more in cash back, Shop America sends them a check!

The online stores connected with Shop America are the ones they'll use anyway, so they might as well earn money doing it.  We've got retailers like Target, Macy's, Home Depot, the Gap, Apple and many, many others.

Getting cash back couldn't be easier.  Have them visit the Shop America page of LoveMyCreditUnion.org and click the Save Now! button.  Once we validate their membership, your members will be directed to the Shop America site to start shopping.  And, don't forget to remind them to use their credit union credit card when shopping - your low interest rates can help them save even more!

Shop America is another easy way to add the benefits of membership at your credit union.  It's one of the many member enhancement discounts Invest in America offers its participating credit unions.  To learn more about the other Invest in America credit union member discount programs, visit our Invest in America Partner Center.