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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Credit Union Members - Own Your Money

Credit unions know you earned your money, and you have a right to own it.  From getting a vote to how the credit union is run to receiving discounts from Invest in America on the products and service you use every day, credit unions truly live their philosophy of "people helping people."   Read some of the reasons people love their credit union below , and if you feel like it, pop over to the Love My Credit Union website to share your own story of why you love your credit union and how they have helped you own your money.

Brian in Michigan, Member of Kent County Credit Union

I had a vehicle financed through my credit union an then bought a new vehicle. I researched their terms but they were not long enough. I financed the new vehicle through the dealer and the credit union got the payoff check for the old loan. After that they called me and offered to refinance the new vehicle. They went out of their way to extend a longer term financing program to me and 2% lower interest rate then the dealer. It saves me about $50.00 a month and about $2,000 in interest over the life of the loan. LOVE MY CREDIT UNION for this.

Megan in Florida, Member of Navy Federal Credit Union
Before Navy Federal Credit Union, I had always had a bank as my financial institution. When I started working for Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) 2 years ago, I made the switch from bank to credit union. The change has been wonderful! I have peace of mind knowing that my money is with the #1 credit union in the world. Since Navy Federal is doing so well, I’m saving money with the low rates on my credit card, loan, and mortgage. The best part of working here is knowing how much NFCU cares about the members and is available 24/7 365 days a year. Navy Federal Credit Union has one of the best training departments and is able to provide excellent member service. I have enjoyed working at Navy Federal Credit Union and appreciate that they care about their employees.

Laurie in Vermont, Member of Vermont State Employees Credit Union
I love my credit union because it saves me money and the customer service is outstanding. I bought my first car when I had my first "real job" after college with the help of the credit union over 20 years ago. I now have two car loans and a mortgage through our local office. When my husband and I were getting married and buying a house we both wanted to use our "bank"- we decided whichever institution could provide us the best interest rate AND customer service- returning our calls, meeting with us, and we based it on how friendly the folks we met with were..needless to say- my credit union "won" and we have been using them for all of our banking needs.

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