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We began with the Credit Union Member Discount from GM and soon grew to include the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount as well as savings programs from TurboTax, DIRECTV, Allied Van Lines and ADT. Plus, we offer our own discount partners Love to Shop and the Credit Union Auto Club.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Drive Your Savings with GM and Invest in America!

While it sounds like a great offer, the 0% and 2.9% financing that GM offers is usually available to eligible and well qualified customers on select Chevrolet and GMC models only.  Generally, these financing offers are in lieu of consumer cash incentives.  So, you can either take the low financing rate offered by the dealer or  you can take the consumer cash incentive. 

An even better deal?  Credit unions historically offer low loan rates.  You may be able to save thousands by using your credit union's low rates and combining that was the Invest in America Credit Union Member Discount from GM and the consumer cash incentive from the dealer instead of taking the 0% or 2.9% financing. 

Not convinced?  Check out this example on a 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Extended Cab 2WD.  In this case you can either get 0% financing for 60 months or a consumer cash incentive of $4,500.  We've also included $2,000 down payment that you would provide:

0% for 60-Month GMAC Financing 3.9% for 60-Month Credit Union Financing
Vehicle Payment $31,615 $31,615
Down Payment $2,000 $2,000
Consumer Cash $0 $4,500
Invest in America Discount $1,672 $1,672
Loan Amount $27,943 $23,443
Monthly Payment $466 $431

Total Savings From Financing at Your Credit Union $2,100

By financing with your credit union, in this case at 3.9%, you'll save $35 each month or $2,100  over the course of the loan.  So, before you visit Love My Credit Union to get your GM Authorization Number, check your credit union's rates and do the math.  Chances are you'll save money by using the Credit Union Member Discount from GM, the consumer cash incentives and by getting your financing at your credit union!

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